Ferrous Raw Material

We handle wide range of Ferrous Raw Materials, our sourcing capabilities and overseas networks enables us to source most reliable and competitive products, which suits our customers requirements.

Main Products Handled by the Ferrous Raw Materials Division

Raw material for steel mills

We provide our clients with reliable supply of Iron ore, coking coal, Pig Iron, Limestone and other materials used in steel making.


Working in cooperation with Kobe Steel, we provides a stable supply of slag in Japan and around the world.

Titanium Materials

We supplies titanium sponge and scrap as a resource for such applications as the aerospace industry and water desalination plants.

Coal for Boilers

We supplies the coal and auxiliary materials used by Shinko Kobe Power Station, which generates up to 70% of the electric power used by the city of Kobe.

Ferro Alloys

We have access to wide range of ferro alloy suppliers, we supply to Japan and other ASEAN nations.

Heavy Melting Scrap

We have expertise in sourcing HMS1, HMS2 from different continent s, suits our client on time demand.