Iron & Steel

In Iron & Steel division we serve customers of diverse background, our strong global network and procurement capabilities help us supply the world-class steel that supports our client pursue their manufacturing.

Main Products handled by the Iron & Steel Division

Wire Rods and Bars

KOBELCO wire rods and bars are used in the automotive industry and other fields. Working with secondary processors, We provides customers with a reliable supply of high value-added wire rod and bar products.

Steel Plates

Known for its superb processability and weldability, KOBELCO steel plates provide the foundation for a wide range of industries.

Steel Sheets

Kobe Steel produces high-strength steel sheet, another product that we supply.

Steel Powders

We provide a steady supply of various KOBELCO steel alloy powders, which are highly regarded overseas as material for making automotive and other sintered parts.


Applications for titanium are expanding in many fields. We supplies KOBELCO titanium products to meet diverse customer needs.

Auto Parts

We source the most competitive and quality Automotive components for Indian market, we also source Indian origin Automotive Components for our overseas market.