Machinery & electronics

We supply high-quality products and services by matching leading-edge technologies from the Kobe Steel Group and other companies with market requirements.

Main Products Handled by the Machinery & Electronics Division

Vacuum – Heat Treatment Furnaces

We have ’SHIMADZU ‘’ Make -Vacuum Heat-Treatment Furnaces Sintering and HIP Furnaces, Vacuum/Overpressure Dewaxing and Sintering Furnaces, Vacuum Dewaxing and Sintering Furnaces, Purification Furnaces and Sintering Process Analysers.


PVD Coating Equipment’s

Arc ion plating (AIP) plant : Equipment acclaimed both in Japan and overseas that includes AIP plant and roll coaters (roll-to-roll coating) for newly developed and high-function materials and other advanced applications.


Sinter Lamellar Filters


  • Scavenge for dust including water
  • Air cleaning for battery production line
  • For Mine Facility, Tunnel Construction, OUT Druyer . Many Other

Industrial Projects

Plant Equipment’s Supply , Steam generation ,Water treatment solutions (STP Etc ), Turnkey Projects Handling , Press Machines & Many Others

*Consultancy to Japanese Organizations looking to set up Factory in India.

Industrial - Sifters

FS High Sifter can generate large vertical vibration, approx. 5mm at the centre.

It is best for shifting very fine and/or sticky powders or ones including oils.

*Liquid filtration is also possible


Industrial Grinder & Mixer

Capable of Processing High Viscosity Slurry & solid concentration slurry. Versatile performance for various applications