Non Ferrous Metals

Aluminium and copper are the metals serving as a foundation for various industries. We constantly monitor global developments and stay in the forefront to satisfy the customer needs.

Main Products Handled by the Nonferrous Metals Division

Aluminium Material

We handle high grade aluminium extrusion bars made by KOBE Steel for India. We also deal in supplying the extrusion bars and tubes made in India to export to ASEAN region.

  • Aluminium Extrusion Bar/Tubes

Non Ferrous Raw Material

We Have experience in handling Non Ferrous Raw Material to our customers in ASEAN Region.

Aluminium Secondary Ingot:

(Application: Automotive- Die Casting Parts)

Copper Material

We handle high grade Inner Groove Copper Tubes made by KMCT for India. We also handle high grade Copper Strips made by Kobe Steel for our automotive customers in India.

  • Copper Tube (Application : Air conditioner material)
  • Copper Strips (Application : Automotive - Terminal connector)

Brass Trips

We handle high quality brass strips made in India for our customers in ASEAN Region.

  • Brass Strip (Application : Key Blanks)

Copper Mould Tubes

We handle high quality copper mold tubes made by SMP, Japan. Our major customer base is located in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Nigeria.

  • Copper Mould Tubes (Application : Steel continues casting machines)

Copper Scrap

We handle high quality insulated copper wire scrap from Japan. We can also offer the copper wire scrap processed as nuggets from Malaysia.

  • Insulated Copper Wire Scarp - DRIOD, DRUID
  • Processed Copper scrap - COCOA, COBRA, CLOVE